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Winter Newsletter 2024

Jul 1, 2024

Retreat centre

Dear friends of Campfire in the Heart,

As we walked early morning the paths at Campfire, in single file, sensing each footfall, silently aware of light and leaves and each other, we heard again the call that has drawn us to be part of this ancient sacred place.

The ‘Beholding Divine Beauty’ retreat was looking like a small one which got smaller as it came closer, with COVID and other circumstances necessitating cancellations … which wonderfully allowed an intimacy to grow among the retreatants as we creatively, respectfully explored our differing understandings of the Divine, conversations both engaging and at times challenging as we opened to new possibilities.

There were many highlights: times of meditation (new for some) and of silence and being outside in creation gave us a deep sense of community, a shared delight in so much beauty all around us every day. sessions on writing haiku’s, on practising ‘dadirri’, art time with Paul’s guidance, sharing our ‘things of beauty’ and their story in our lives, visits to sacred places where we practiced how to “consciously receive even momentary impressions of beauty’s presence”, indeed an enriching time, “life-changing” some said.

Enjoy some reflections below on our recent retreats and a glimpse of what’s coming up, including two meditation retreats facilitated by friends from the World Community for Christian Meditation in August.

Listen to Donna Mulhearn interviewed by ABC Radio National’s Soul Search program, while in Alice Springs leading the ‘Exploring the Labyrinth Retreat’.

Read a reflection on the ‘Exploring the Labyrinth Retreat’ by Campfire Companion Sarah Bishop and a reflection on the ‘Beholding Divine Beauty Retreat’ by Campfire volunteer and retreat participant Dominica Roebuck.

And lastly, you’re now able to support Campfire by purchasing something from our new ‘gift shop’! We now have t-shirts and gift card packs available.

Please join us in the beauty of the Central Australian desert! There is a myriad of offerings…

Peace and blessings,

Judi, Paul and the Campfire Companions (Board)

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Fran Pegrem (left) with Nicola Pitt (right)