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Poem by Dominica

May 16, 2024

Retreat centre

Campfire in the Heart, well where do I start? A summary would sound tart, yet I want to speak from my heart…

My first touch with the flame, of this special place
Got my heart moving, at a quickening pace!

I first came for a campfire reflection, and the Monday night meditations, a few moons ago,
And found spaces to share and connect – to help me grow.

A little later on I joined for the Tuesday book club, to talk through Michael Singers ‘Untethered Soul’,
This is where I saw Nicola transform from manager into mystical goddess teacher ~ reading wisdom from her sparkly scroll,

Though I didn’t come to Campfire before Nicola and Jorge moved in,
I feel certain their combined energy has infused and changed the feeling of being here,
So when I came back to visit Alice a few weeks ago it made sense to come here and volunteer,

It has felt precious to give back in even the tiniest of ways…
To the campfire community, and to the people who live here and keep all the seen and unseen elements ablaze,

Huss: your practical, intuitive and happy way of being and helping is infectious,
Bluey: resident caretaker dog, why so cute and loveable ? You perplex us!
Jorge Basave: At reflections you somehow subtly always know the right and new thing to say, and when I see you walking the grounds here you look happy and it shines out, clearly, every day.
Nicola: you show a matured and creative understanding of what spirituality could mean for us motley crew in a place like Alice Springs, thanks for your gentle guidance, your wisdom rings!
Judi and Paul: it’s been lovely to meet two curious and generous beings, I hope to attend one of your fantastic retreats again, thanks for showing me new ways of seeing,
And the other vollies here too, cookie, Stacey and Fran. It’s been so lovely working and thinking and laughing together, and coming up with each new day’s plan.

So come be at Campfire!
And if you’ve already been here, well…be here more!
Walk the labyrinth, see the flame through the keyhole, open the door.


Dominica was a volunteer at Campfire in the Heart in May 2024.

Interested in volunteering? Find out more information here.

Fran Pegrem (left) with Nicola Pitt (right)