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New Exhibition by Paul Taylor

Jul 7, 2024

Retreat centre

A new collection of artwork by Paul Taylor is currently being exhibited from Dangar Island until 18th August, with all proceeds being donated to Campfire in the Heart.

Paul draws inspiration from the landscape where he lives on the Hawkesbury River, as well as travels to remote areas of Australia. As a meditator for nearly 40 years, Paul suspects this daily practice has helped him connect with his creativity.

As well as painting landscapes, Paul also loves to paint patterns and much of the inspiration for this comes from his having spent time with the Aboriginal elder Miriam Rose Ungumner and her community who not only produce beautiful pattern work but combine their art making with the ancient practice of DADIRRI which is all about being still and aware of the sounds and sights that nature constantly gifts to us. Doing these patterns after practicing DADIRRI is a type of contemplative prayer for him. All sense of time disappears as he gently immerses himself in this way of prayerful art making.

To see artworks from Paul Taylor’s latest exhibition ‘More Play – Different Surfaces’ visit


Retreat centre