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Donna Mulhearn interviewed on ABC Radio National’s ‘Soul Search’

May 28, 2024

Retreat centre

Tune into ABC Radio National’s ‘Soul Search’ program this week to hear Donna Mulhearn interviewed by Meredith Lake while she was recently here in Alice Springs leading the labyrinth retreat at Campfire in the Heart.

As well as being a member of our board of directors, Donna Mulhearn is also a labyrinth facilitator, pilgrim and storyteller.

A former journalist and political advisor, when Donna discovered a contemplative spirituality it changed her religious outlook and set her on a new journey. She is the author of Ordinary Courage, which tells the story of her time in Iraq as a human shield.

“When Donna Mulhearn quit her job to go travelling, she found herself on an unusual path. First, to an Irish monastery, then to Baghdad during the Iraq War where she volunteered as a human shield. Later, she would break into a highly secure facility in Australia’s Red Centre, all in the name of peace — and her pilgrimage isn’t over yet…”

Listen to “From Iraq to Alice Springs — a pilgrim for peace” broadcast on Thursday 23 May 2024 at 2:30pm on ABC Radio National’s ‘Soul Search’.


Fran Pegrem (left) with Nicola Pitt (right)

Donna Mulhearn (left) and Meredith Lake (right) in the centre of the labyrinth at Campfire in the Heart