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Exploring the Pilgrim Path of the Labyrinth, a call to the Sacred Centre

Retreat centre

28 April – 3 May 2024. 

It’s been said that labyrinths emerge in the world at times when they are needed.Today we are seeing a flourishing of labyrinths –
together we will consider thequestion: what can they teach us?

The ancient and mysterious design of the Labyrinth has been present in diverse culture sacross the world for thousand of years.

It is a powerful universal symbol of journey, pilgrimage and the path of life.

Drawing on myths, legends, philosophy, sacred verse and poetry from a range of traditions this retreat will explore what can be discovered on the labyrinth’s path.

The retreat will allow space and time to walk the beautiful Chartres design labyrinth atCampfire in the Heart, as a group and individually, and consider how the labyrinth can hold space for us.

Silence, meditation, drawing labyrinths, mindful walking on country and other contemplative practices will be offered as part of the program as well as a special pilgrim walk in the beautiful Standley Chasm.

This retreat will explore how the Labyrinth can be used for personal and spiritual growth, for healing, examining questions and a safe place to explore our journey in life.

Retreat centre