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Community Development & Reflective Practice Retreat

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19 – 21 June 2024.

Community, when healthy, fosters a sense of belonging, a place of connection, a space of joining and a place of solidarity. How do we as citizens and workers support, weave and create community so it is a place that is welcoming, thriving and inclusive?
Join us for this three day retreat to learn the art and method of participatory community development, a practice that provides guidance and support in building the essential skills in community processes for both citizens and professionals. These include relationship building, dialogue and group work for collective action. This learning will be embedded in a framework of reflective practice giving space to both inner and outer reflection through observational exercises, mindfulness, and tuning in to what is alive in both our lives and the work that matters to us.
The three days will include practical learning and experiential activities combined with individual, small group and larger group reflection processes. These processes will support a deepened and renewed sense of self and more purposeful, attentive and effective action as engaged citizens.
This retreat is facilitated by Peter Westoby and Rachael Donovan from Community Praxis Co-op and Three Rivers Initiative.

Cost: Packages from $620 – 1,450


Retreat centre